FelsigBerg Corgis


​Skye is a beautiful daughter of our girl Kalli and sire Bullseye. I couldn't be happier with her. She has Kalli's plush coat and the best personality you could ask for. She is smart and learns commands quickly. Her puppies all have her same sweet personality. She is DM and vWD clear as well.

*Puppies expected June 2024


Popcorn is a home raised girl that is a daughter of Kosmo. She is a beautiful black head tri like her mom. Popcorn's sire, Stetson, resides in Arizona and has been a wonderful producer. Popcorn has an amazing personality. We are so thrilled with her even mannered nature and how incredibly smart and loyal she is. She loves kids and is a great traveler. We have been thoroughly impressed with her puppy's trainability. Several are in agility, 4-H, and even one being trained in search and rescue in the snow. They are exceptional. 

*Next litter will be expected in July

*Here are our girls. The slideshow on the left will show the female and the one on the right will be pictures of her puppies!


Meet our little king of the castle! Bullseye was a very influential sire to our program. He produced many great puppies for us and is the sire to a few of our girls that we are breeding now. His pedigree and goofy personality will carry on through his puppies. Bullseye is now enjoying a retirement home with a great family and he is spoiled rotten. We wouldn't want it any other way.


Kalli is our pride and joy. This girl​'s extended pedigree is packed full of champions. She is a gorgeous girl who is DM clear and Von Willebrands clear. All her puppies will also be clear of both diseases. Kalli has a "plush coat" which is highly sought after in the show ring. She passes that beautiful coat to many of her pups. Not only does she come from a family of champions, her full sister has been very successful in the show ring. Earning yet another 3 point major and has earned a Grand Championship. If you are a breeder or wanting to show, then you need a Kalli puppy.

​Kalli has now been retired from breeding.


Our beautiful girl Butterscotch was an amazing producer for many years. Her puppies were always favorites of everyone. She is a granddaughter to the champion of champions LS NeilDiamond. DM clear and vWD clear. Such a personable and calm natured dog that loves everyone she meets. She even goes down the slide with the kids at the park. Butter is now retired and living her best life, spoiled rotten. Her legacy will live on through her daughter "Dunie" who we couldn't be more excited about. She is a spitting image of her mom.​​

​Now retired

Reference Sire


​Brody is owned by Cordova's Paradise Acres in New Mexico. We occasionally cross him on our girls and have been very happy with his offspring. He has big, solid puppies with good bone. Brody is the grandson of my first corgi, Shez First Class, that started my breeding program many years ago. I'm very happy to get the chance to continue adding her pedigree to my puppies. He is DM and vWD clear. 

​Rubble on The Double

​Meet our sweet boy Rubble. We are absolutely love his puppies. We breed him to most of our females to have more color variety in each litter. He is big boned and passes that thick, corgi look, to his puppies. Rubble has a great personality, always happy to meet new people, loves kids and gets along well with other dogs. He is a very calm, well mannered dog that is great in the home. He is DM and vWD clear. Link to pedigree will be updated soon.


Kosmo was one of the first corgi's to the family and is now retired from breeding. Crossed on Bullseye her entire litter was always black headed tri puppies! We absolutely loved her pups and her beautiful black head has been passed on to her daughter popcorn. Kosmo is quite the little athlete. If you are looking for a family dog that will absolutely excel in agility then her puppies are the ones you want. She has a lean and strong build and no obstacle slows her down, she's pretty impressive.  ​​

​*Kosmo is retired from breeding