Unfortunately we live in a world of scammers. It seems like I talk to someone weekly that has been scammed. Below you will find information on how to avoid being in this situation and what to look for on these fake websites. I have called several of these numbers and am blown away by the things they say to convince you to send them money. To me it is very obvious, but to the average person looking for a puppy it's not as easy. 

1. NEVER send money via Walmart, Western Union or any other way that can not be tracked and recovered. Scammers will not risk getting caught by cashing a personal check or being linked to PayPal. 

2. Look for broken English and misspelled words on their websites and emails. Most of these people try to copy and paste from other websites, but I haven't found one yet that doesn't have spelling errors and poor grammar.

​3. On their "available puppy" page they will have multiple dogs of different ages. This is very unlikely to have 5 puppies available of different ages.

​4. Don't believe their quotes from satisfied customers, these are very easy to make up. Instead ask for a list of references. I have references from across the country that are willing to talk to you about their experience with me. Another good way to assure you are speaking to a real breeder is to ask for their vet's contact info. Keep in mind that veterinarians are very busy and you should be able to accomplish what you need by talking to the staff. Breeders are in their vet's office several times a week and are well known by the entire staff. You can simply ask anyone that answers the phone if that breeder uses them. Do a simple google search to make sure the vet clinic and name even exist.

​5. Ask to see the genetic tests that they claim to have. Under each of my dogs I have attached links to copies of their DNA results. It shows that dog's registered name, number, my full name, and their registration papers. These are not private and they assure that you are getting a healthy dog.

6. Most scammers will refuse to talk on the phone. If you are suspicious then give them a call. A lot of times the numbers are not even real. If they do answer, they usually don't speak very good English. 

7. Breeders should have multiple pictures of the puppies they have available. I have even seen pictures of my puppies with MY hand in the picture on other websites. Ask for a picture of the puppy with a written note next to it that has your name on it. That will assure that the puppy is real. I try to take weekly pictures since the pups change so much and grow quickly.

Please do your homework to avoid losing money and having the disappointment of not getting the puppy that was promised. If you are in question, I am willing to call them and decipher immediately if they are real breeders :)  Good Luck on your hunt for the perfect new family member!

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