FelsigBerg Corgis

Welcome, Corgi fanciers, AKC Show families and breeders.

Here you will find a corgi for everyone. We have a variety of colors, sizes, pedigrees and personalities. We specialize in DM clear, vWD clear dogs. Popcorn will have puppies born in January. Free of DM and vWD. 

These fun filled low-riders are sure to be a favorite in any family or lifestyle. Let us fulfill your "corgi needs" and introduce your new family member. 


A little bit about our kennel 

Corgi Extraordinaire


We also train rope horses and from time to time have one for sale. If you are interested in having a horse trained or just need one tuned up feel free to contact us. We have many references, videos and before and after pictures of horses we've trained or started.

Thank you for your interest in our Corgi's here at Felsig Berg K9. Our home is situated near the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, 45 miles from the ski resort in Steamboat Springs. This is the perfect place to raise puppies.

We believe it is very important to understand the personality and traits of the Corgi breed before purchasing a puppy from any breeder. Also understanding the genetic diseases that the breed is prone to can be very beneficial to choose the perfect puppy. We focus on eliminating Degenerative Myelopathy from corgi's to better benefit the breed's future. Healthy, DM Clear, puppies are our main focus.

Each litter is handled extensively from the day they are born until they are placed in their new home. Our puppies are familiar with children, other dogs, ranch animals and different people. We start kennel training around 4 weeks of age. This gives the pups a safe place to nap and sleep for the night, which makes transition to their new homes much easier. The time spent with a puppy is a direct reflection of the dog it will be become as an adult.
The puppies are born in the home and stay inside until they are several weeks old. They make several visits outside during this time. They are then moved to a larger kennel so they have room to play and experience new things. 

We are well aware of each puppy's temperament by the time they are ready for their new home. This aids in choosing the proper home for them and matching them with their new families. The imprinting stage of new puppies lasts until they are about 16 weeks old. In this time your new addition needs to be introduced to as many new experiences as possible. Do not shelter your Corgi from strangers, other animals or kids. They will accept new things at a young age much easier than they will as adults. We also recommend new owners to enroll their pup in local obedience classes. This will teach them manners, commands and also socializes them with strangers and new dogs. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions about training etc. Most of all we hope you are pleased with your new family member and give them the love they all deserve. The Corgi is an intelligent, loving and loyal pet when given the opportunity to be part of your "pack".